Enjoying the Sunshine with a Good Book

One of my favorite parts about going on vacation is the opportunity to catch up on reading. Whether it be the last few issues of my favorite magazine, the novel my grandmother lent me (we have similar tastes), or the latest healthy eating book, there are always a few options on my reading list. Today on Anna Maria Island, is one of those perfect reading days with a light breeze and temperatures are in the mid-to-upper 70’s.

Reading a good book on your beach vacation is easier than you think. We have resources and libraries for you!

On the beach, many magazine and novel readers can be found. Some are high tech with their Kindles and Nooks, while others have ‘traditional’ reading material… aka bound paper books where you have to turn the page and use a bookmark to mark your spot. Readers are not just on the beach, but also sitting in the sun or shade by the pool in the privacy of their backyard with a nice cool drink or at the local coffee shop enjoying the background noise of music and other customers chatting.

If you are a reader and find yourself on the Island with nothing to read, do not despair! There are plenty of ways to remedy the situation:

  1. Our cottages will be stocked with many good books for adults and children. While we have many different types of books and genres available, what you are looking for might not end up in the cottage you rent – please feel free ahead of time to let us know what you are interested in and we will do the best to suitably stock your cottage before your arrival.
  2. On Friday and Saturday morning, you will notice lots of signs for garage sales around the island – this is the perfect way to score a new-to-you book for around a dollar. Check out the classifieds in the local papers for ads regarding upcoming garage sales.
  3. The Library! Each year around this time (March/April), the library has a book sale with many books available at reasonable cost. Additionally, visitors to the island can purchase a one-year membership for $20 and check out books whenever they please (this option is reasonable if you have a lot of avid readers in your group or you plan to stay for an extended period of time). As a side note, the library offers many other wonderful services that I will be discussing in a future post.
  4. For history buffs, the Historical Society on Pine Street offers books discussing the history of the island – we have read a few and highly recommend these!
  5. I am not aware of any bookstores on the island at this time, but small collections of books are often found at many of the gift stores and second-hand stores in the area.
  6. For those of you who enjoy catching up on local news, there are two local newspapers that are offered for free and can be found on street corners each Wednesday morning (also available online). The Islander (www.islander.org) and The Sun (www.amisun.com) are two of the best ways to know what is going on while you are here. Additionally, they sometimes offer coupons to local restaurants and businesses. The closest location to find the papers is to head north on Gulf Drive from Lizzie Lu’s and walk a couple blocks to where Gulf Drive meets Palm Drive On that corner. you will see a row of newspaper boxes, which includes both island newspapers.

As you are looking forward to getting away, don’t be too concerned about remembering your reading material – there are many options available once you arrive. Who knows? Something unexpected may turn out to be more enjoyable then what was left at home.

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