What is the Weather Like in Anna Maria Island?

While you are staying in one of our Anna Maria Island pet-friendly rentals, you will likely notice just how fantastic the weather is here. But is every day really that nice? What exactly is the weather like in any given season? Can it really be 80 and sunny every day during winter? It is time to find out. Here’s a breakdown of the typical Anna Maria Island weather.


As it happens, winter months (December, January, and February) typically have highs near 70 and low temps of around 50. There will only be rainy days sprinkled here and there with an average of between 2 and 3 inches of rain total. Should you bring a coat and long pants? Yes. Will you need them? Maybe.

Also, bear in mind that winter is the busiest season on AMI since this is when our Midwestern snowbird friends migrate in. You’ll probably meet your fellow snowbirds here in some of the lovely AMI rentals.


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Spring is also busy in AMI, but the crowd lessens after Easter. You will see temperatures remaining in the 70s and 80s for the most part. However, temperatures can dip down into the 60s. This will be like what happens during fall. 

During the spring months, there will be about 3 inches of rain, and the rainfall that does come through is typically just short-lived showers that quickly taper off once they get inland. They do keep the island cool from the increasing heat of the upcoming summer sun. This makes for the perfect opportunity to visit an art gallery, go to a museum, or stay inside and binge-watch your favorite show.


Summers here are nothing short of gorgeous. But they can get hot. Temps hover in the 90s and have 70 as an average low. Of course, you’ll probably be beachside or poolside, cooling off in the refreshing water. Nighttime is perfect for watching the sunset from a romantic spot on the beach or on a restaurant patio. Some of our rentals, including Sunset Beach House, Coral Cabana, and Island Dance also have perfect patios to enjoy a sunset.

Of course, summer does see a lot of rainfall. Each summer gets about 7-9 inches on average. Even during rainfall, you will see folks out and about with their umbrella held aloft. And this is the season for watersports, so when you’ve got a nice day, give paddleboarding a try! Or rent a jet ski, catamaran, or charter a fishing vessel. This is the perfect season for exploring the surrounding waters on a boat tour.


September leading into October can be some of the hottest months, but it tends to start to cool off in the fall. September, October, and November see a cooling off of temperatures as they dip into the mid-80s, going as low as the 60s. This is the least crowded season on AMI, so beach rentals will be at their most affordable rates. This is also an opportune time to explore the island without having to wait in lines or make dinner reservations.

As it happens, there are plenty of things to do in AMI during the fall. There are some wonderful hiking trails where you can see wildlife in their natural habitat. You might also witness some birds’ migration patterns.

Plan Your Visit

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The rain does fall at an average of 8 inches during September, but in October and November, there are typically only 2-3 inches of average rainfall. These two months are the best time to come if you want to make a visit here during the fall. The island does celebrate Halloween and Thanksgiving, so don’t worry about missing out on any of your favorite holiday activities!

Anna Maria Island is a fantastic place to visit during any of the four seasons. It is virtually impossible to get bored here. Start planning your visit now and make sure you check out these Anna Maria Island directions so you will know where you are heading. Once you arrive, kick back, relax, and enjoy what will most likely be a sunny day. Just make sure you come prepared for minor inclement weather. For more information on Anna Maria Island and things to do, feel free to call the office, we are here to help!