Anna Maria Island Beachfront Rentals

When life gets too hectic, or when the hustle and bustle of the city begins to be a little too much, come and enjoy the peace and serenity you can find with our Anna Maria Island beachfront rentals!

Here in this beautiful vacation destination, you can find your very own home away from home. You’ll find comfortable family Anna Maria Island vacation rentals in breathtaking beachside locations next to top-rated recreation and entertainment options, all without most of the noise, chaos, and clutter that can often fill up everyday life so quickly.

Luxury abounds here in Anna Maria, and you will find nothing less than that when you choose from our many available Anna Maria Island beachfront vacation rentals for that perfect beach vacation you’ve always dreamed of. With many of our beachfront rentals right on the famous and stunning beaches of Anna Maria, you will get that priceless ocean view that almost nothing can compete with. Often claimed to be the best beaches in America, you will love being able to see the sunset over the water from your vacation home.

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Rentals in Anna Maria Island for All Group Sizes

Single individuals on a weekend retreat or couples looking for that perfect romantic getaway can choose from smaller-sized bungalows with their own beach access for the ideal vacation. One example is the cozy Flip Cottage, which is located on beautiful Holmes Beach. This particular duplex rental accommodates two people and has its own private outdoor oasis in the backyard, and there are many more like this.

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Families and groups of friends can choose from larger locations such as the Island Dance, which has five bedrooms and can accommodate up to ten people! So whether you will be bringing all the kids to your family rental, or if it is a special getaway for just you and someone special, there is something for everyone on gorgeous Anna Maria Island. Take advantage of these amazing Anna Maria Island beachfront rentals today at Lizzie Lu’s Island Retreat, and find yourself the perfect beach home for your dream vacation!


  • 6000 Marina Drive
    Holmes Beach, FL 34217 USA