Anna Maria Island Winter Activity Guide

For years, Anna Maria Island has received tens of thousands of travelers from across the United States who visit during the winter.

We’ve compiled several things to do when visiting Anna Maria Island and the best place to find AMI vacation rentals for your family.

Anna Maria Island in the Winter

Like other islands in the United States, Anna Maria experiences low 70s during the winter months. The Gulf of Mexico experiences warm temperatures during the summer months. However, in winter, the temperatures may drop below 70 degrees.

Things To Do

Here are several of our favorite things to do in Anna Maria Island in the winter:


There are multiple Anna Maria Island fishing points, Sarasota, and Palma Sota Bays being the ideal places for inshore Florida fishing. Anna Maria Island boasts of fish-rich spots that make it a favorable place for the activity.

Popular for its rich underwater ecosystems, Florida is one of the best states for fishing. People living on Anna Maria Island enjoy fishing all year round, so they know the best fish to catch in every season. Consider asking a local fishing charter about the fish you might expect in your expedition.

The Gulf of Mexico has a lot of redfish and sea trout, which have been long considered one of Anna Maria Island’s local staple foods. Fishing enthusiasts flock from far away to catch these species because they come in bulk in the Island’s shallow waters.

For the best redfish, you should check the lagoons and bays. Some may also try swimming around the grassy flats, specifically the redfish, which makes them easy to catch. Although fish in Anna Maria Island are available year-round, you will have an easier catch in spring or fall.

If you love Mackerel and Kingfish, you will find a good catch in Anna Maria Island. Locals love mackerel for making a delicious meal. The best way to catch these fish species is by trolling. To do it perfectly, you need to bait your hook with sardines. During summer, Spanish mackerel are the easiest to catch.

For those looking for a good challenge, snook and tarpon are the right species. They are considered trophy catches since they live in difficult natures. You are not allowed to catch more than one snook. In addition, the authorities prohibit fishing tarpons, so you are advised to release the fish after catching them.

yellow-crowned night heron
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Bird Watching

Bird watching is one of the most favorite activities you can engage in on Anna Maria Island because the weather is always favorable. There are numerous spots to do bird watching including Robinson Preserve and Coquina Baywalk.

While Robinson Preserve is located on the mainland, you can easily access it from Anna Maria Island. The preserve boasts over 700 acres of mangroves and 2.5 kilometers of pedestrian trail.

You will also have a memorable bird-watching experience at Coquina Baywalk. Anna Maria Island has a wide range of birds including osprey, a rare type of bird that feeds on fish. Osprey birds have gray or dark brown color on top and are mostly found in the Australian pines.

The blue heron is another unique bird you will love watching on the shore. The unique and cheerful birds love hanging out in the shallow parts of the water. Although your eyes are just enough to witness these incredible birds, you should have the necessary equipment to make the most out of your bird-watching trip.


Anna Maria Island Golf is the best sport to do on a sunny afternoon during your vacation. There are at least five golf courses around Holmes Beach, so you have a wide variety to choose from depending on your golfing preferences.

Key Royale is the ideal golf club for those looking for a short game. The golf club boasts of a five-star restaurant and well-maintained lawns. Bradenton Country Club on the other hand is one of the easiest golf courses to access in Anna Maria Island, featuring fountains and lagoons. The golf club is also known for offering tennis and other family-friendly activities.

Consider Timber Creek Golf Course if you’re a beginner and searching for the best place to have fun with your family. In addition, Timber Creek is an affordable place, with most rounds costing around $10. The golf club is popular because the original owners were friends with many celebrities, including Johnny Carson.

Manatee County Golf Course is preferred by many since it’s a challenging course. The golf course has over the years undergone a $100,000 facelift. Pinebrook Ironwood and IMG Academy golf clubs will provide the best value for your money.

Plan Your Visit

Ready to plan your winter getaway to paradise? Browse our full rental inventory, and contact us today to start your next island escape!

Holiday Shopping

Because the best time to do shopping is when on vacation, you need to find the perfect spot for Anna Maria Island shopping. If you are at Bradenton Beach, you can walk into Anna Maria Oyster Bar shop and get to enjoy a bite. There are also souvenir shops such as the Sun and Surf Beach Shop that sell clothing and jewelry.

For pool toys, sandals, and sunglasses, The Bridge Street Bazaar is the perfect bet. The Back Alley Treasures on the other hand should be your first consideration if you are searching for a reputable coffee shop around Bradenton Beach.

In Holmes Beach, you will find the highly regarded E Bay Dr, where you can grab lunch or have dinner at the nearby restaurant. In addition, the Island Bazaar has a gift shop, which sells seashells and sunglasses.

Enjoying the Beaches

The main reason you might be visiting Anna Maria Island is to enjoy its pristine sand beaches. Bean Point is one of the best beaches you can enjoy on a sunny afternoon because it provides you with a unique vantage point of Tampa Bay.

Holiday Events

From New Year’s Eve to Christmas celebrations, there are numerous family-friendly events you can engage in on Anna Maria Island. Holiday Night of Nights is also a worthy event held at St. Armands Circle.

You can also attend the Annual Holiday Boat Parade of Lights. City Island and Centennial Park are the best areas for viewing this exciting and festive event.

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