Best Things To Do On Anna Maria Island In The Spring

Anna Maria Island is beautiful during all of its seasons, but springtime is one of our personal favorites! Wildlife and locals alike take this time to buzz about in the sunshine, enjoying mild (but comfortable) temperatures.

The sky’s the limit when you come here, and outdoor activities are more fun with the gorgeous weather on Anna Maria Island during the spring. So, first, check out the local gardens you can explore while you’re in town!

Pink Hibiscus flower close up
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Explore Local Gardens:

If, on your trip, you seek to instill a sense of lasting value towards proper environmental preservation within your children (or even within yourself), then don’t miss a visit to these local gardens. You’ll learn (and teach others with you) to appreciate nature and landscaping differently. Plus, you may pick up some unexpected insight and garden “life hack” style tips for better caring for your greens back at home. You can’t miss these two incredible spots if you call yourself a true nature lover!

Palma Sola Botanical Park

8 to 6:30 is when you want to drop in, any day of the week. This park’s ready to let you in without charge (free admission, with donations, greatly appreciated). Its three attached lakes are some of the most gorgeous, clear-water areas you’ll likely ever gaze upon in Florida. Its flowering trees range in size, starting with mid-level high to skyrise style ones that tower above you with perfectly shading glory and elegance. You’ll also notice countless rare fruits and palms spread throughout. 

Marie Selby Botanical Gardens

10-5 any day: Come one, come all! You’ve got 15 acres of pure, green beauty to look at and walkthrough, so take your sweet time and remember to stop and smell the roses (pun intended!). Slow breaths and deep inhalations, they say here, are the best way to go. That’s how your body takes in the best of nature’s many smells while refreshing your mind. There’s plenty of that — from a grounded selection of epiphytic orchids that only exist here in full bloom to ferns that only come around in spring. Plus, you’ll find multitudinous year-round gesneriads and bromeliads bathing in their prime. 

two people taking an underwater snorkeling selfie
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Cool Off With A Snorkeling Trip:

What better way is there to cool your mind and body off from a long day of walking around in the hot sun than by taking a dip in those coastal clear, crisp waters? You’ve witnessed everything good above ground or at least plenty that there was to see in shopping, eateries, gardens, ferry tours, etc. Now, it’s time to go below the surface and admire what’s really under those beautiful Anna Maria Island waves!

Where to Snorkel

Holmes Beach is right in the middle of the island, and with that, there’s the one and only Egmont Key Adventures. Their incredible staff will get you set up with all the gear you need and ensure you’re prepared and confident before diving under the water. Then, they’ll guide you through the waves and point out some awe-inspiring sights along the way!

Egmont Key Adventures specializes in snorkeling gear and snorkeling tours but also offers sunset deck space rentals during evening hours. They also feature sunset cruises and dolphin cruises! You can see dolphins close up while taking pictures; friendly, flash-less photography is permitted. They cover bar and restaurant trips, which are similar to ferry rides, but take you through many eateries and pubs. 

Plan Your Visit

Find the perfect Anna Maria Island rental to keep you cozy during the downtime you have during your amazing spring beach vacation! Browse our selection today.

What Marine Life You Might See While You’re Snorkeling

Besides an overabundant array of dolphins, you might find yourself lucky enough to encounter a manatee here and there. If you’re fortunate (and brave), you might meet a bonnethead shark at eye level. Should this happen, keep your ground, don’t turn your back to it, and if it approaches, smack it on its nose (its weak point, as sharks hate getting hit there). Shark repellant is also handy when snorkeling these waters at sub-level ground depths below 300 feet, as is an excellent GoPro camera (so you can capture the action)!

Egmont Key Snorkeling Tour

If you want to snorkel the day away, your best option is to buy a package: either the 3 Hour Egmont Key Adventure ($400) or the 6 Hour Adventure ($700). On either tour, you get to decide how much of the 3 or 6 hours you’d like to spend just on snorkeling; you’ll find your tour guide to be more than flexible, friendly, and entirely accommodating to your needs. 

farmers market in anna maria uisland
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Visit Local Farmers Markets:

The following three Anna Maria Island farmer’s markets are the best the island has to offer. So please make it a point to go out to at least one! It’ll be worth your visit: They often feature crafts that you can only make or buy there, live music, square dancing during special events, charity auctions & drives, and even greater touring insight on the general Anna Maria Island area.

Bridge Street Market

It’s open Sundays from 10 to 3, November to April. The market typically sets up shop on the south end of Anna Maria Island in the city of Bradenton Beach. The experts here are some of the friendliest local growers and direct-sale distributors around. They specialize in selling produce, home-cooked meals, sculptures, memento artwork & photos, etc. 

Beach Market

Beach Market opens up from 10 to 4 each Sunday from November to July. They mainly distribute food and wares at low costs, perfect for those who are traveling on a budget. This market tends to be one of the less crowded and more easily maneuverable ones of the three, which is an excellent option for those with a big family or with young kids. It still gets plenty of business, though. You’ll find it set up on Coquina Beach. 

Bradenton Farmers Market

Saturdays from October to May, from 9 to 2, is where the action happens here. You’ll find this market on Bradenton’s “Old Main Street,” still quite close (20 minutes or less, driving) to multiple AMI beaches and cottages. This is one of the larger farmers markets with about 40 varied vendors. Be sure to come out and meet them!

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