Top Three Tastiest Tacos on Anna Maria Island

Anna Maria Island’s seven miles offer scenic fishing piers, stunning sunsets, and a unique small-town Old Florida feel. It is a lovely vacation destination and one filled with things to do and see. While you are at it, spend some time exploring the local restaurants and eateries.

In particular, you’ll find a surprising number of Mexican and other Anna Maria Island restaurants that serve authentic and fresh tacos made with locally sourced ingredients including seafood, veggie tacos, and traditional meats customized just the way you want. Below are just a few top options to get you started.

1. Poppo’s Taqueria

Poppo’s Taqueria is a local Mexican restaurant chain located in the popular Pine Avenue area of the island, and unquestionably one of the best spots on the island to get some truly authentic and satisfying tacos. With roots in the street food of the Mission District of San Francisco, these tacos are as real and perfectly made as they get.

There’s a lot to choose from when it comes to just the taco portion of the menu. One interesting part of Poppo’s is what choice of meat you’re given.

Not only are chicken and beef an option, but chorizo made from Floridian wild boar is an option as well. Each meat contains an assortment of spices, which gives a succulent flavor to the tacos. Vegetarian substitutes include black beans or organic tempeh.

Each taco can be customized with pico de gallo, white or brown rice, homemade lime slaw, feta cheese, red onion, cilantro, jalapeno relish, jack cheese, seasonal greens, guacamole, or hot sauce.

One of the charming things this restaurant provides is a mom-and-pop feel, welcoming new customers in as if they were family. Like any other Mexican restaurant, there is a wide variety of other entrees to choose from, perfect for those who are in search of something specific.

tacos from anna maria island
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2. Tortilla Bay

Before you embark on your adventures in Anna Maria Island, you may want to make a pit stop at Tortilla Bay. While the look of the restaurant appears to have the look of a typical taco eatery, this hidden gem ranks as one of the best Mexican restaurants on Anna Maria Island.

Tortilla Bay gives visitors a wide variety of options to choose from, whether its nachos loaded with chicken, tomatoes, and onions or a savory burrito. Either way, this restaurant knows how to make delicious food.

As for the tacos, well, that’s a different story. Loaded with a plethora of fresh ingredients, the tacos of Tortilla Bay provide a satisfying experience for the customer.

Like Poppo’s Taqueria, this Mexican restaurant gives visitors the chance to customize their very own tacos, allowing them to choose chargrilled chicken, steak, or braised pork.

What makes Tortilla Bay a go-to for us is the Queso Dip and nachos!  Make sure to try it!

3. The Waterfront Restaurant

Visitors and fellow taco enthusiasts are welcomed to the Waterfront Restaurant with a beach house style and impeccable service. In addition to the décor, The Waterfront Restaurant sits right next to the bay on the northern end of the island, giving visitors a breath-taking view of Mother Nature.

The Waterfront Restaurant provides many wonderful dishes, but the one that stands out the most is the grouper tacos. Adorned with cabbage, onions, and limes, the grouper tacos are as fresh as they can be. It is possible that these may be the best fish tacos in the city.

Thanks to the chefs of The Waterfront Restaurant, the taco dishes are arranged in such a way that it appears as if you were eating a gourmet meal while being served in a casual atmosphere. Order as an appetizer for the table or make it your own personal meal!

Plan Your Visit

Though we only listed three taco spots you have to check out, you can expand it easily. Book an Anna Maria Island vacation rental and visit the island for yourself and add to our list!

Try Some Tacos on Your Anna Maria Vacation

You will find that many of the traditional and Mexican restaurants here offer a variety of fresh, locally sourced fish, meat, or vegetarian tacos to choose from on their appetizer or entrée menus, depending on whatever you are craving.

Each restaurant customizes their tacos with their choice of spices, sauces, and fresh local produce, sides, and ingredients, providing a unique experience. You’re sure to find at least one or two favorites. When it comes to the search for the best tacos, this island is a hidden gem to explore all on its own.