Fishing Guide for Your Anna Maria Vacation

Fishing Guide for Your Anna Maria Island Vacation

While horseback riding tours on the beach or lounging in your Anna Maria vacation rental might be a nice way to spend some time on your holiday, no vacation is complete without the chance to get in at least a little bit of fishing! We’ve rounded up information and put together a local fishing guide for some of the hottest locations when you want to go after Redfish, Amberjack, Snapper, and much more during your next stay on Anna Maria Island!

Disclaimer regarding fishing licenses

First and foremost in this local fishing guide, we advise every angler, whether local or visitor, to be very familiar with Florida’s fishing rules and regulations. Anyone fishing on Anna Maria must purchase a valid saltwater fishing license. This license is required for the capture of finfish, shellfish, and shells. Separate permits are required for Snook and crawfish, and special stamps are necessary for possession of a single tarpon. Make sure to know and understand all of Florida’s regulations before heading out to fish on Anna Maria!

Fishing Guide for Your Anna Maria Island Vacation

Hotspots for fishing on Anna Maria

One of the best locations on the island which is near many of the available Anna Maria vacation rentals is Bradenton Beach’s Historic Bridge Street Pier, which has scenic views of the northern Sarasota Bay and a 300-foot dock. Additionally, this area also has a bathhouse with restrooms, bait and tackle shop, and the local eatery, Rotten Ralph’s. While a good spot for fishing and a popular location, the Bradenton City Pier does not tend to be overly crowded, and the dock offers ample room for fisherman to move around each other with relative ease.

An even larger pier located near our vacation rentals is the historic City Pier. The pier stretches out 700 feet into the southern Tampa Bay and offers a conveniently located spot to get some more of your fishing in. With a bait shop and a restaurant at the end of the pier, this popular location for fishing on Anna Maria is another good spot where you can either cast or drop your line, and hope to reel in a variety of saltwater fish including Snook, Ladyfish, Flounder, or even a small shark!

While the Rod and Reel Pier is also highly recommended, it comes with a minor warning that there is a $2 fee for casting your line at this location. But if that doesn’t faze you, then this picturesque, 350-foot dock is another great fishing spot that should be visited. The Rod and Reel Pier has a two-story restaurant of the same name (which is absolutely a favorite among locals!), and a bait shop on its premises as well.

Some honorable mentions for good fishing on Anna Maria Island would be the southern end of the island on the bay side of Coquina Beach, the Longboat Pass on the south end of Coquina Beach, and the Longboat Pass Bridge, which is at the southern end of Anna Maria Island.

Vacations are better with fishing

There are so many fun and memorable things that you have the opportunity to do while you are staying in Anna Maria vacation rentals. But how often are you given the opportunity to go saltwater fishing, to sharpen your skills and try your luck at catching Tarpon, Cobia, or the occasional Barracuda or shark? Fishing on Anna Maria offers you the unique opportunity to walk out onto a long pier in the gorgeous Tampa Bay and see what underwater creature gets hooked on your line!


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