Where Do You Go Grocery Shopping on Anna Maria Island?

When you’re planning a vacation to Anna Maria Island, you’ve probably got a lot of logistics on your mind. One of the biggest things to decide when you’re going on vacation is how you’re going to keep your entire group fed! While it’s always fun to experience the local cuisine and sample some of the most popular restaurants in town, eating out for every single meal can get expensive pretty quickly, not to mention that it’s not always the healthiest option and can be especially difficult if you’re dealing with any dietary restrictions.

Luckily, when you’re staying in one of our Anna Maria Island vacation rentals, you’ll have your very own kitchen where you can prepare your meals and spend some extra time with the ones you love most. But before you can start cooking, you’re going to need groceries! Not to worry. There are several convenient grocery stores on Anna Maria Island where you can get all the freshest local ingredients. Just because you’re cooking at home doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the amazing local cuisine! Here are some of our favorite grocery stores on the island.

The Olive Oil Outpost

canned oils and goods

The Olive Oil Outpost has been serving AMI locals and guests since 2004 and remains one of the most well-loved stores on the island. As the name suggests, this shop does keep a huge stock of olive oils, including decadent extra virgin varieties and infused oils. But that’s certainly not all! You can also find a wide selection of flavored balsamic vinegars, cheeses, pastas, charcuterie, wines, breads… the list just goes on and on! Kelly Kary has been managing this shop since 2010, and it’s abundantly clear that she has a passion for selecting the highest quality foods and ingredients to share with her patrons.  

Perhaps the most interesting thing about The Olive Oil Outpost is the ever-changing selection of products. Many grocery stores tend to keep the same products on hand all the time, but here, the inventory is constantly bringing in new items for you to try. You never know what you might find on the shelves! Plus, if you find that you simply fall in love with this store (which we think you will!), you can even order products online to be shipped directly to your home once your vacation is over! Since inventory changes frequently, you can always see the current offerings on their website, or you can call the shop to learn what they’ve got in stock.

The Olive Oil Outpost is located at 401 Pine Avenue in the City of Anna Maria. They are open Tuesday through Saturday from 11 a.m. until 5 p.m. and on Sundays from 12 to 4 p.m.

Anna Maria General Store

The Anna Maria General Store takes the word “general” very seriously. They offer virtually everything you could ask for in a grocery store, and they don’t stop there! This establishment has been welcoming visitors since the 1950s, but it just recently moved to its current building in August of 2015. Owner Brian Seymour has done an incredible job of keeping the local community stocked with everything they need in a high-quality grocery store. 

The grocery section offers all your staple items, from chips and cereals to beer, wine, ice cream, fresh bread, and so much more. Anything that you would want to keep in the pantry of your Anna Maria Island rental, they’ve got it here in their grocery section. You can also grab any supplies you might want on hand, like laundry detergent, cleaners, toiletries, and more. Want to grab something for breakfast? Anna Maria General Store carries a whole menu of eggs, biscuits, and pastries! And for lunch, pick something up from the deli or go for a selection from the grill like a steak or cheeseburger. The possibilities are truly endless, and it’s all in one convenient place.

Anna Maria General Store is located at 503 Pine Avenue. They are open at 8 a.m. daily and close at 9 p.m. Monday through Thursday, 10 p.m. Friday and Saturday, and 7 p.m. Sunday.

Island Fresh Market AMI

When you’re visiting Anna Maria Island, you definitely want to take advantage of the fresh local seafood. But luckily, you don’t have to break the bank at a fancy restaurant. Just head to Island Fresh Market AMI to find all the best catches from around the island, as well as a wide range of other grocery items to fill your kitchen with. The main attraction here is the fish, which comes in through multiple deliveries every single day, so you know you’re getting nothing but the freshest varieties. The selection constantly changes depending on what’s being caught, but some staple seafood offerings include king crab legs, Gulf shrimp, Key West pink shrimp, and more.

Island Fresh Market doesn’t just have fish, though. They also carry an impressive range of basic grocery items like milk, eggs, bread, spices, pastas, bacon, sweets, and snacks. You can also come in for a hot sandwich or bowl of soup, all prepared fresh and ready for you to enjoy! If you’re in town for a special occasion, Island Fresh Market can provide a party platter! Simply provide an advance notice of at least 48 hours and choose from varieties like Seafood Charcuterie, Mini Crab Cake Sliders, Low Country Boil, and others. 

Island Fresh Market is located at 5604 Marina Drive, Suite A, in Holmes Beach. They are open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. until 6 p.m. and Saturday through Sunday from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m.

Plan Your Next Visit

With all of these incredible resources on Anna Maria Island, you never have to worry about missing out on the best local food. Now, you just need somewhere to stay! Lizzie Lu’s has vacation rentals for families of all sizes, including our popular Anna Maria Island pet-friendly rentals! Contact us today to learn more!

Grocery Delivery on AMI

While you might want the convenience of having your kitchen fully stocked, the idea of actually going and shopping for your groceries isn’t always so appealing. Maybe you have a long journey to get here and you just want to relax when you arrive, or maybe you don’t want to give up any of your precious time on the beach. These are the perfect situations to take advantage of Anna Maria Island grocery delivery!

There are two main ways that you can have your groceries delivered to you while you’re on the island. The first is through Instacart, which is a service you can find around the country. Just set up your account before you arrive so you can easily log on and order your groceries when you get here! If you’d like to support a local business, consider working with The Loaded Kitchen for your grocery delivery. You can visit their website to decide on your groceries and enter your payment details. Then, The Loaded Kitchen will ensure that your vacation rental is fully stocked with your groceries before you even arrive! This is by far the most convenient way to ensure you’ve got everything you need as soon as you get to the island.