Why is Holmes Beach the Perfect Place for a Family Vacation?

Anna Maria Island is a Florida paradise located in the stunning Gulf of Mexico. There’s something for everyone to discover here, whether you’re looking for fresh seafood, beautiful beaches, fascinating historical sites, breathtaking nature, incredible wildlife, or anything in between. It’s the ultimate destination for your next family getaway!

When you’re planning your trip, you might be wondering which of the island’s three cities would be best to stay in. You can choose from either the city of Anna Maria, Holmes Beach, or Bradenton Beach. Today, we’re here to make the case for Holmes Beach, which is centrally located between the other two cities of the island. Here are the biggest reasons why you should select one of our Anna Maria Island vacation rentals in beautiful Holmes Beach! 

Outdoor Activities

paddle boards and a woman

To start, Holmes Beach is full of fun outdoor activities that the entire family can enjoy. If you want to be in the water, the watersports here are absolutely endless. One of the best things to enjoy in Holmes Beach is fishing. There are several spots where you can cast a line, or you can book a fishing charter to really get out in the water! Whether you’re an experienced angler or you have kids with you who have never been fishing before, Holmes Beach has the perfect fishing experience for your group.

Another fun activity on the waters of Holmes Beach is parasailing! You can find a number of parasailing companies along the shoreline who can take you and your family out on a once-in-a-lifetime excursion. You’ll be strapped into a harness with a parachute and lifted high up into the air for a bird’s eye view that’s both relaxing and exhilarating!

Want to get outdoors but don’t feel like staying on the water all day long? No problem! Holmes Beach has plenty of rental companies where you can get a bike to ride around during your stay! Not only is this a great way to enjoy the outdoors, but it’s also an easy and affordable way to get around the island that can help you get your exercise at the same time!

Gorgeous Weather

Anna Maria Island weather is absolutely incredible, so no matter what time of the year you visit Holmes Beach, you’re in for some amazing conditions. If you visit in the spring or fall, you can expect a bit of variety in your weather, but every day is bound to be beautiful. Toward the beginning of spring and the end of fall, conditions are a bit cool, but temperatures still reach at least the 70s. Plus, these times are within the dry season, so you won’t have to worry about rain. The opposite is true at the end of spring or beginning of fall; you’ll experience higher temperatures with comforting afternoon showers to cool things off.

If you visit in summer, you’ll be here in the peak season. High temperatures can get up into the 90s, but a hot day is nothing that a dip in the water can’t fix! Not to mention, it’s not as muggy as it can get in other areas, so you’ll automatically be more comfortable. The afternoon showers that occur almost daily help to usher in cooler conditions for the evening.

Want to visit in the winter? You’ll still have awesome weather! Winter temperatures can get into the 50s during the mornings and evenings, so you might want a light jacket. But during the day, temperatures can still get up into the 70s! Imagine spending your holiday season enjoying the white sand beaches of Anna Maria Island instead of freezing like you would at home!


Speaking of beaches, Holmes Beach has some of the most gorgeous stretches of shoreline on Anna Maria Island. The beaches are never more than 2 blocks away from our rentals and some are much closer. The beaches are generally quieter and you can use the provided beach wagons in the rentals to carry your items to the sand! The most popular beach in the city, Manatee Public Beach, also happens to be the most popular of all the Anna Maria Island beaches! This location welcomes guests every day from sunrise until 10 p.m., and even though it’s well-loved, there’s always a place for you and your family to spread out a blanket and enjoy yourselves.

people on the beach in chairs

Part of the reason why so many people flock to Manatee Public Beach is its abundance of amenities. To start, they’ve got all the classic beach amenities you need, like convenient and clean showers, restrooms, changing cabanas, and water fountains. They also have picnic tables and grills for you to prepare and enjoy a meal. If you don’t want to bring your own food, grab something from the Anna Maria Island Beach Café! There are plenty of benches for you to relax, as well as a fun volleyball court to get competitive. If you ride your bike, you can park it at the bike racks, or you can just hop on the free Anna Maria Island trolley that has a stop right here at the beach!

Plan Your Next Visit

No matter where you stay, you’ll have our team of experts behind you to answer any question you might have. If you’re ready to plan the AMI getaway of your dreams, contact us today to start booking!

Quiet and Convenient

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Finally, while the entirety of Anna Maria Island has that incredible “Old Florida” atmosphere, it’s especially prevalent in Holmes Beach. In this town, you’ll find more homes than you’ll find condos, so when you stay here, you’ll truly feel like one of the locals. Your AMI vacation rental will always be in a residential area that’s much quieter and more relaxed than the busier, more tourist-centered parts of the island.

Additionally, Holmes Beach is insanely convenient. Since it’s located right in between Anna Maria and Bradenton Beach, you can reach any attraction on the island in just minutes. You’ll never have to travel more than 10 minutes in either direction to experience whatever’s on your itinerary. All of the businesses in Holmes Beach are right near each other and aren’t far from the homes and vacation rentals in town, so you can easily get anywhere by driving, walking, biking, renting a golf cart, or hopping on the trolley. You can leave at a moment’s notice to get anywhere!

Finally, Holmes Beach is just minutes away from mainland Florida. You’re welcome to drive yourself to nearby destinations like Sarasota, or you can take the Anna Maria Island trolley to the end of the line and pay just $0.75 to switch lines to get to the mainland! From there, you’ll find even more fun activities to try, and you’re never far from your rental when you get tired.

These are just a few of the reasons why we recommend staying in Holmes Beach, but truth be told, you can have a fabulous time no matter where you stay on the island! There’s never been a better time to plan a family getaway to Anna Maria Island. At Lizzie Lu’s, we’re proud to offer vacation rentals to suit any group on any budget. Smaller families might enjoy our quainter properties, but if you want more room or have a big family, you can check out our 3- and 4-bedroom rentals on Anna Maria Island!