Biking on Anna Maria Island

Biking on Anna Maria Island is one of the best ways to get a good workout while enjoying the sunshine and beautiful beach scenery. When vacationing here you’ll find plenty of things to do and areas where you can bike, allowing you to enjoy much of the island without having to drive. If you plan on biking while you’re visiting Anna Maria Island as one of your regular activities, be sure to read on for more details and information on the best areas to bike and some safety guidelines you should consider.

biking on anna maria island

Options for biking in the Anna Maria City

In Anna Maria City on the north end of the island, you’ll find the area to be very bike friendly with traffic levels being low at several points during the day and plenty of shaded areas. You can also ride bicycle lanes along Gulf Drive for a very scenic and pleasant route. If you’re looking for a secluded beach to relax at during your biking journey, Bean Point on the north end of the island is a top choice.

Several bike lanes in Bradenton Beach

The city of Bradenton Beach on the south end Anna Maria Island offers over five miles of incredible scenery along with numerous bike lanes and paths along Gulf Drive. Many of these paths and lanes connect to over 50 miles of similar lanes across Anna Maria Island and Longboat Key. Coquina Beach is directly south of Bradenton Beach, and bicyclists can easily take the Coquina Bike Path and bike north toward Cortez Beach.

For the Adventurous Biker

To truly enjoy the natural scenery of the area and embark on a lengthy trip with plenty of water views, bicyclists can ride along the coast all the way to Lido Key, which is about a 16 mile trip in one direction. Pause and catch your breath on the beach or stretching out your legs wandering in and out of the shops and restaurants in the famous St. Armand’s Circle. This is a serious biking trip that can take you up to 4 hours or longer, so be prepared and plan it out ahead of time. You can use free trolleys to take you any starting point that you may prefer along this route.

Use the island trolley to get around with your bike

The free island trolley takes passengers across Anna Maria Island and conveniently allows bicycles to be mounted. Each trolley holds 2 bikes at a time, and you can ride multiple trolleys from Coquina Beach on Anna Maria Island all the way to Longboat Key and Sarasota for just 75 cents more.

Longboat Key Bike Lanes

The speed limit is 45 on Longboat Key where it is required to have a bike equipped with a bell for pedestrian safety. The biking lane is wide and well-marked, so it’s still a great place to ride.

The bike ride on Longboat Key features a 9.47-mile stretch with a view that is sure to impress. You can take this route over the bridge leading to Cortez and Coquina beach on Anna Maria Island.

Where to Rent Bikes

Lizzie Lu’s Island Retreat has bikes available for rent – we not only provide adult and kid bikes but also wahoos so the youngest family members can come along. Though all roads in Anna Maria are bike friendly with minimal traffic and an easygoing small-town feel, a few safety precautions should be considered.

  • As a bicyclist, it is important to obey traffic signs and laws always.
  • Using proper hand signals is important for your safety and those who you share the road with. Drivers may not see you due to low visibility with the sunlight and possible blind spots so it’s best to assume they don’t see you.
  • Ride with the flow of traffic on the right side of the road.
  • Bicyclists must yield right of way to pedestrians when riding on crosswalks or sidewalks.
  • Bicycles should be equipped with brakes that allow them to stop within 25 feet when going 10 mph on dry clean pavement.
  • You may want to consider wearing safety gear such as sunglasses and a helmet.
  • Using headphones may be a safety hazard and bicyclists should avoid using them while riding.
  • You must ride with a regular fixed seat.
  • If bicycling with children it is the parents or guardian’s responsibility to ensure proper safety measures are taken including wearing a helmet if they are 16 or younger.
  • It is best to ride with the number of people intended for the build of the bicycle.
  • It is required by law to provide your bicycle with the right safety equipment. Bicyclists must have a lamp on the front and a red reflector and a lamp on the back between sunrise and sunset. The rear lamp should be visible from 600 feet and the front lamp should be visible from 500 feet.

Lizzie Lu’s Island Retreat has several high-quality, luxurious, and affordable vacation rentals in bike-friendly areas of Anna Maria Island. For more information about booking accommodations on Anna Maria Island or biking while you’re here, call us today at (941)-782-8152.


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