Where To Go Snorkeling on AMI

If you’re looking for information on Anna Maria Island snorkeling, then you’re in for a treat. We’ve researched to tell you the best snorkeling spots, times, tours, and much else. After all, Anna Maria Island has some of the most beautiful waters of anywhere in Florida! Here, you’ll find yourself quite close to the well-known Gulf of Mexico, home to many various species of marine life.

The Best AMI Snorkel Spots

The astounding Egmont Key is the first place that should interest you if you’re intrigued by snorkeling. This spot is perhaps the most popular spot for snorkelers all around the island. One thing that stands out the most is the fact that the water is beyond crystal clear there; it is, in fact, some of the purest and most transparent ocean water in the entire region. This, naturally, makes it relatively easy to go underwater and explore.

When below the surface, you should have no less visibility either. The crystal-clear waters make it effortless to spot every piece of algae, floating sand, fish, and other life forms under the tides.

You must visit Egmont Key by ferry or boat, so plan accordingly. Here, you can also see some of the most skilled local snorkelers practicing their hobby passionately and without interruptions. It’s truly an inspiring sight to witness. People young, middle-aged, and even a few seniors come out to snorkel. 

When To Snorkel

Very mild, calm wind — or better yet, none at all — is ideal when you want to snorkel out here. If the wind gets too aggressive, it can push itself down onto the waves and affect the movement of the waters, thereby also affecting all life that lurks about underneath. If it starts to get very windy where you are, make your way back to the shoreline and wait it out or come back on a less windy day. 

The wind also affects your visibility below the surface because of all the tumultuous waves and other unexpected movements it can cause. So, snorkel with as little wind as possible, as well as little rain, though a little drizzling here and there is fine. If rain starts to come down heavily, it can make the water murkier than usual, resulting in decreased visibility and comfort.

Snorkeling Tours

If you seek Anna Maria Island snorkeling tours that can take your breath away, try something offered by AMI Escapes. The captain on these tours is well-prepared and well-oriented on the whole area. They will take you by the most visually stunning sights possible! They are trained to swim in highly submerged conditions while knowing how to approach certain kinds of fish, rocks, algae, and much else. They are open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. every day, even during specific holidays. 

Their main booth is at 12160 Cortez Rd W in Cortez. Appointments are usually required beforehand. Their snorkeling tour can get you out as far as sites like Passage Key, Egmont Key, Jewfish Key, Beer Can Island, and more; it all depends on your skill and comfort level. They can also train you to fend off a wild animal that should approach you, such as a shark or even an agitated dolphin. Usually, the dolphins in this area are peaceful and unspeakably friendly; they’re a swimmer’s or snorkeler’s best friend, in many cases. The company includes nets, buckets, paddle boards, optional fishing poles, beach or sand toys, and even water and snacks in every snorkeling tour boat. 

Plan Your Visit!

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What Wildlife to Look For

Here’s where it gets really fun, especially if you travel to AMI without ever having been in such a hot and tropical environment. Have the time of your life just trying to pinpoint new species you have never seen before! The birds are ideal, for starters, and these abound out here. You can witness countless species, especially seagulls, eagles, and storks. Watch where they lay their nests, feed their younglings, spot their prey, bathe in the water, and much more. 

You’ll also have the opportunity to see various sea creatures like jellyfish, starfish, and numerous types of fish. You never know exactly what you’ll see during a snorkeling excursion on Anna Maria Island… the options are endless!

Anna Maria Island Rentals

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