What Can You Expect From a French Cuisine Restaurant?

If you have never been to France, the idea of a French restaurant may be a little exotic and unfamiliar. There is a certain allure- a deep fascination with French cuisine. What better time to see what it is all about than on a vacation to the Florida gulf side beaches? Bring your kids. Bring a pet and stay at one of our Anna Maria Island pet-friendly vacation rentals. What the island lacks in French architecture it makes up for in beautiful beaches and island relaxations.
So what can you expect from a French cuisine restaurant?

The French Aesthetic: Ambiance and Décor

We start with the ambiance and décor of a typical mid to high-level French restaurant. French dining is often colorful, with bold purples and reds coating the restaurant. The aesthetic can be moody and subdued, instead of brightly-lit. There may be lots of wood, with tables close together. Eating is a social time, and the more the merrier!

The French love to imbue a certain level of classiness into eating. Dining for the French is a chance to try new things. French dining is elegant but not necessarily the highest-class. In other words, French establishments are often careful and clean, but wouldn’t always qualify as the highest-level fine dining. You would feel right at home in a place that welcomes anyone.

How to Eat Like the French in America

What do French people eat for dinner? French portions are plentiful and varied. There are so many dishes to cover, but we narrowed it down to the top three French foods you have to try.

  • Cassoulet: Cassoulet is a French staple. The main ingredients include white beans and duck legs. Many variations of the famous dish incorporate pork. The dish is topped with a light touch of green, like cilantro. The dense dish is a favorite of the Languedoc-Roussillon region and is enjoyed as an accepting introduction to the more extravagant French dishes.
  • Oysters: No long explanation is necessary. The French love oysters. You can’t get much better than French-styled oysters on Anna Maria Island. It is like the best of both worlds- the creative high-energy of French dining and the rich local oyster quality of Florida. The French do take it up a notch sometimes, by eating the oysters raw and still alive. The French provide many variations of the basic oyster by using egg, cream, garlic cloves, shallots, and a variety of spices and herbs. There’s also high-demand for Mouclade Charentaise or mussels.
  • Poulet Basquaise: This chicken dish is a favorite of the Basque region. The dish is chicken soaked in the classic piperade basque-styled sauce. It typically includes some variation of Bayonne ham, peppers, tomatoes, and Espelette pepper. The taste is dazzling.

There’s a whole lot more to possibly include here, such as cheese and/or meat fondue, gratins, tartiflette, bouillabaisse, and soup-styled beef bourguignon. Stay at one of our vacation home rentals for families and let everyone dig into their top dish of choice.

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Plan Your Next Visit

Review our listing of Anna Maria Island vacation rentals to find the ideal vacation escape. Have a French-styled adventure this season!

Anna Maria Island’s Top French Restaurants

For a peek at how Anna Maria Island does french dining, look no further than its two top French restaurants. These are The French Table and the Island Creperie.

The French Table is located in Bradenton Beach at 2448, 103 Gulf Drive N near our Anna Maria Island vacation rentals. It sits by the water and has a varied menu of mussels, grouper, and chicken. Highlights include the Grouper Sauce Mangue, the Duck Breast with Honey Sauce, and the Chicken Provencal. There are also classic French desserts, like Fondant Chocolat and Flan de Denis, a flan selection with eggs, milk, and butter salt caramel.

You should also keep an eye out for the modest Island Creperie. This Bradenton Beach eatery is located right by the main hub of the beach at 127 Bridge St. The spot also has pick-up options so you can take it all right back to our 2-bedroom vacation rentals.

It is undeniably famous for its addictive crème brulee. This traditional-styled dish consists of cream, egg yolks, sugar, flavored with vanilla, and, of course, caramelized with a butane torch. Island Creperie is considered the place to go for French-styled breakfasts, while the French Table is without a doubt the finest island offering for a French dinner.