Visit the Anna Maria Island Skate Park with Your Family

Anna Maria Island is a hub for tourists to come and relax. There’s so much that you can do when you visit this beautiful little island on your Anna Maria Island vacation. The strip has many local restaurants where you can sit and enjoy a fine meal out. No matter your cuisine style, there’s a restaurant perfect for you. If you want to go shopping, pop into one of the boutique shops in the square! You’ll find exactly what you’re looking for, no matter what your taste is. 

When you stay at an Anna Maria Island rental, you deserve to have the full Anna Maria Island experience. There’s no better way than to hit the Anna Maria Island Skate Park! There are so many skate parks near Anna Maria Island. You can find many amazing activities to do when you visit the park. It doesn’t matter what you want to do; here in the park, you can do it! 

kids at the skate park

About the Skate Park

The newly renovated park has helped bring more activities to the park than ever before. With a beautiful new skate park, kids and adults alike can bring their skates, skateboards, longboard, or bikes and hit the ramps. While this skate park is more geared towards beginners, anyone is more than welcome to come and join in on the fun. With so much open room throughout the park, there’s so much for everyone to do. There are even two Anna Maria Island dog parks to bring your dogs to! One is perfect for larger dogs with plenty of space for your larger pups to run around. There is also a small dog park for the tiny little guys who don’t need much room. 

Shuffleboard, Pickleball & Tennis Courts

Located just off Marina Drive and above the Skate Park are the shuffleboard, pickleball, and tennis courts. You can hang out here with your friends and family and have a friendly game together! There are plenty of courts and tables for everyone to get their own game in. You can even meet some locals who love to hang around the park and get their game on! Each of these games is the perfect way to get to know some of the Anna Maria Island residents and find out why they love it here so much! 

Shuffleboard is a great game played on a court with weighted, different colored pucks. Players will take turns sliding their pucks to the other side of the court, hoping to knock out the other player’s pucks and give you higher points. 

Pickleball is very similar to tennis. The main differences are that you serve underhand, and the ball has less bounce. Some even describe it as a mix between Ping-pong and badminton! With enough courts for both tennis and pickleball, the fun will never stop! You can pick up a game with your friends and family any time you want! The locals also love to play and play you in a quick match. It’s fun for all! 

ladies playing tennis on anna maria island
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Looking for a place to take the little kids for the day? No park is complete without having a playground! When it comes time for things to do with kids in Anna Maria Island, the park has it for you! Located at the top of the park, just off of Flotilla Drive, the playground is the perfect place to take your young children. This recently renovated playground was part of the revitalization of the whole park to help make it more friendly for visitors. Your children can come and climb, explore, and wander all over. They can take trips down the slides, clamber on the jungle gym, and even take a ride on the swing sets! With a whole world of imagination at their disposal, your kids will never run out of fun things to do at the playground here. 

Soccer Field 

No park is complete without having a soccer field! Have other people on your vacation that you want to start up a small match? Then hit the soccer field to score a few goals! There are plenty of opportunities to play a soccer game on the fields here. Located just above the bocce, shuffleboard, and tennis courts, the soccer field is in a perfect location for all soccer-related events! 

But that’s not all that happens on the soccer field. Many weekends festivals are held on the field where people can come together for events. Every year the annual Beach’n Food Truck festival comes to the soccer fields. They park their trucks on the field, and tourists can walk around and sample foods from all the food trucks from all over! Other events have booths that are set up with a fair amount of distance between them so that visitors can wander amongst them at a distance and not get tangled up with anyone else. You’ll find craft fairs, cultural fairs, music festivals, and so much more on the soccer fields! 

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With the Lizzie Lu rental offices just off of Marina Drive, getting to the park from your rental is a breeze! All you need to do is walk across the street! With your rental being so close to your Anna Maria Island vacation rental, it’s hard not to want to stay here. Not only are you getting the best beaches, restaurants, and shopping experiences, your rental is of the highest quality! 

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