Vacation Rentals vs. Hotels for a Family Vacation

Looking to take a family vacation in the Anna Maria Island area? Worried about staying at a large chain hotel? Lizzie Lu’s Island Retreat is a great vacation rental option for you and your family. Our goal is to give our guests a great experience every time they come to visit the island. If you’re debating between Anna Maria Island rentals or a hotel room, we hope this guide will make your decision easier.

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Save Money 

Worried about keeping in your budget on vacation? Fear not! Lizzie Lu’s specializes in making sure that our rentals are affordable. With rentals under a wide range of prices, there is guaranteed to be something that fits your budget. The Yellow Fin Cottage, for example, sleeps up to four people and costs $165 per night. This is an absolute steal compared to most rental units on Anna Maria Island. 

It is also very rare to get a full-size kitchen in any of the hotel units on the island. Each of Lizzie Lu’s rental has a full-sized kitchen.

This means that you and your family will be able to save lots of money on eating meals in rather than having to go out. On most occasions, the nightly rental price of an independently owned rental is not only cheaper but will also provide you with more space than could ever be possible from a hotel rental. 


Keeping things clean and tidy is the #1 priority of Lizzie Lu’s Island Retreat. By managing a small number of family-owned rental properties, we are able to make decisions with our customers as the first priority. Units are well maintained, meticulously cleaned, and sanitized in accordance with the highest standards to ensure safety and peace of mind for our guests.

Eat at Home

Food is a big part of your vacation, and eating out for every meal can add up fast. The rental units at Lizzie Lu’s Island Retreat are stocked with all the kitchen essentials that you will need to prepare and eat all of your meals at home. Each unit is also stocked with a wide variety of non-perishable food items to make your experience easier and more comfortable. Each of the units are laid out in a way for you to stay on the property for as long as you’d like without having to leave the resort for any unnecessary trips. 

Privacy & Security

We know you may be concerned about your privacy and security while you’re away, which is why we’ve taken every step to keep you comfortable. Most families and groups choose Lizzie Lu’s rental units because they have fewer units with fewer tourists around. Those looking to reconnect with their family and loved ones do not want to be surrounded by a ton of other people. This offers you and your family more space to move around without having to worry about running into other people. 

Plan Your Vacation

Book your Anna Maria Island vacation rental today and feel the difference for yourself! Contact us today if you have any questions or simply want to learn more.

Whether you are worried about a price that fits your budget, making meals at home, overall cleanliness of a rental unit, or the privacy and security of your family on vacation, Lizzie Lu’s will have you covered. Traveling has never been more difficult or precarious at any other time in history, but it’s our goal to let you focus on spending time together on the Anna Maria Island beaches. We’ve got all bases covered to make sure that all of your worries are at ease when planning your next vacation. Contact us today to learn more about our Anna Maria Island pet-friendly rentals or any of our other accommodations.