The Best Places To Watch The Sunset On Anna Maria Island

Have you brainstormed ideas for your next Anna Maria Island romantic getaway? Or maybe you’ve been researching Anna Maria Island things to do while you visit. Either way, the barrier coast island of AMI has so many incredible spots perfect for enjoying the sunset, including restaurants!

At seven miles in length, Anna Maria Island is small and cozy while also being the perfect spot for tourists to adventure or relax. It’s a prime vacation destination in Florida altogether, so make time to visit and check out the sunset at one of these picturesque locations.

Sandbar Restaurant

To catch the sunset on Anna Maria Island from the Sandbar Restaurant, visit this eatery in the evening (open 11-10 daily), three or four hours before they close. You can enjoy your view of the sunset from the patio or the dining room, all while you sample some of the freshest seafood available on the island. The grouper reuben is a particularly popular choice if you’re looking for a recommendation!

Beach House Restaurant

Open 11:30-10 daily, Beach House Restaurant offers island-inspired fare with rich deck seating (outdoors and indoors) that you won’t find anywhere else. This waterfront restaurant has its own bakery section as well! If you’re searching for main courses, try their fried fish platter. Of course, this is also a great “close to the sunset” viewing point area where you can come in the mid-afternoon, take a walk outside, enjoy a meal, and see the sunset. 

Bean Point

Bean Point Beach is locally known for its sunset views as well as its awards (like the 2021 Traveler’s Choice Beach from Trip Advisor). You will get to see the sunset all across the bay, in a way like you never have before, if you see it from Bean Point Beach. The sand is soft, and the water is clear, creating a sensation of golden hour bliss. 

anna maria island sunset on the beach

Coquina Beach

Just a mile south of 5th Street North where you need to head if you want to spot the signs for this lovely sunset viewing beach. They do have lifeguards on duty, in case you feel like swimming, which makes it a bit safer and gives more peace of mind this time around. This beach is amazon for sunsets and for finding beautiful local shells. They also have plenty of free parking, making it convenient to bring the crew every single day if you please. 

Manatee Public Beach

Manatee Public Beach has got restrooms, bike racks, showers, a playground and so much more. There is plenty of ocean to swim in, plenty of sand to play in, and of course, plenty of sights (sunrise and sunset, too) to bask in. So, when you catch the evening sunset, remember to thank the powers that be for their beautiful creation; that’s what the locals say here. It’s important to be simplistic, grateful, and kind, and that’s what this beach area is all about. It’s best to arrive at the beach around 5 or 6 p.m. to make the most of the evening.  

Plan Your Visit

We’ve got pet friendly homes as well, so you won’t have to leave Fido next time you fly out to the shores of Anna Maria Island. Bring him with you and have the time of your life. No matter what the perfect vacation looks like for you, it can come to life here on the island. Book with Lizzie Lu’s today to experience it all!    

White Avenue Beaches

Don’t leave the Anna Maria Island area without at least once experiencing the breathtaking White Avenue Beaches. Head straight there to spend a perfect evening with your sweetheart. If you want to book a wedding event (typically of around 50 guests or less), this is the beach to do it at. Even if you’re not planning a special occasion, you can simply walk along the shore and get your toes wet while you wait for the sun to dip down under the horizon. There’s also plenty of nearby free parking (and even overflow parking). 

Rod and Reel Pier

Open 9-8 daily, the Rod and Reel Pier is a very easygoing seafood eatery you can visit when your stomach churns for a bit of fried oysters. If you’re into larger fish and chips (bigger than the usual plates you might see around here), then they’ve got these as well. Their sea scallop dinner is also a top-praised plate that often sells out quickly (ask if it’s on the menu during your visit, trust us). You can get it fried, blackened or even grilled. Once your meal is finished, head out onto the pier to cast your line, watch others fish, and, of course, watch the sun set. 

Take A Sunset Cruise

A sunset cruise in Anna Maria Island can be the perfect thing to lift your spirits and create everlasting memories with the ones you love most. Fun Boat Tours (9-5 daily, year-round) is the most notable business that people book with for this type of excursion. Their evening sunset cruise gets you in 1.5 hours just before the sunset and even offers a cleaned bathroom on the boat itself, for your convenience. Casual dress attire is what the boat staff typically recommends as there is always a slight guarantee that you will get at least a little bit wet on your tour (mostly down at the ankles and pant lines/shoes). Sunset, here we come! 

Ocean Star on the Porch

Open 4-10:30 p.m. Friday and Saturday and 4-10 p.m. every other day (except closed on Monday), Ocean Star on the Porch is a chill-vibe, authentic Japanese restaurant that certainly lights up well at night. If you come to catch the nightly sunset, and even to stay a bit longer afterwards, then you’ll get to enjoy an elegant array of multi-colored overhead and floor lights alongside luxurious wood tables and an open seating area with a bar. Their Tempura Entrées (with shrimp, veggies, chicken or as combos of all three) are their most sold-out menu items. Try their katsu scallops, too.  

woman on a sunset cruise
Photo from Unsplash

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