Lowry Park Zoo

This week, we took a trip up to the Lowry Park Zoo in Tampa on our vacation on Anna Maria Island. We planned to only be there a few hours in the morning, but did not leave until 3 pm! We arrived right in time to see Macaws fly around the entrance area.

Visit the Lowry Park Zoo in Tampa during your trip to AMI.  An exciting day trip for the whole family, Lowry Park Zoo offers many different animals and experiences for all ages

Twice a day (10:15 am and 2 pm), the Macaws are released and they fly around for a few minutes. It was amazing to see these intensely colored birds fly around free in a flock. Speaking of birds, if you enjoy being up close and personal with birds of all types, you can purchase small cups of bird food at the Aviary and feed the birds. They will come right up to you and even hop on your arm!

I could tell you of all the fun encounters we had, but instead, I will just list some things that you might want to know before you decide to visit.

  • There are many opportunities to get ‘up close’ with the animals including feeding giraffes, birds, fish, and stingrays. There was also a petting zoo and a train that goes through the Africa Safari.
  • All the rides and trains are included in the price of a day pass – this was really fun for my daughter.
  • In the kid’s area, there is a small splash park. This is a great way to cool off if you pick a hot day to go to  the park as there are not too many opportunities to enjoy air conditioning.
  • The zoo can definitely take all day if you want to stay there that long – we did not even get to every section while we were there.
  • There are plenty of bathrooms, water fountains, and food options located throughout the park.

The zoo is about an hour and a half from Anna Maria Island. It is past the Tampa Airport on 275N. Take exit 48, turn left, and it is on the right about 1 mile down the road. The prices at this time are $24.95 for Adults (discounted for seniors), and 19.95 for children 3 – 11. Kids 2 and under are free. If you have a zoo or aquarium discount, make sure to check online and see if they have an agreement with the zoo (they have reciprocal agreements with zoos and parks in many different states). Visit their website for more information: www.lowryparkzoo.com

Macaws at the Lowry Park Zoo during Anna Maria Island vacation

Hippos at the Lowry Park Zoo during Anna Maria Island vacation

Lowry Park Zoo during Anna Maria Island vacation

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