Island Ocean Star Restaurant

The Island Ocean Star Restaurant on Anna Maria Island is where you’ll find expertly prepared Japanese cuisine including sushi, teppanyaki entrees, salads, and plenty of other healthy options. With a scenic waterfront location at a harbor on Bimini Bay, this Anna Maria Island restaurant offers one of the most impressive waterfront dining experiences that you can find near our pet-friendly Anna Maria Island vacation rentals.

Location: 902 S Bay Blvd, Anna Maria, FL
Hours: 4:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m., open to 11:00 p.m. on weekends

Here you’ll get to take in views of some very beautiful yachts docked in the harbor while drinking and dining on a wide range of delectable Japanese seafood and vegetarian dishes depending on your preferences.

Be sure to eat outside at Island Ocean Star

Plenty of outdoor seating awaits at the Island Ocean Star where you can get the absolute best views of the water and the yachts. Dining outside is a must, assuming that there is space, and it’s even better if you can go right before the sun sets. Although the restaurant has an upscale vibe you can certainly get by with casual clothing, so don’t hesitate to stop in after a day of exploring the nearby attractions such as the City Pier or Bayfront Park.

A large menu prepared with skill and care

No matter what you order at Island Ocean Star, you can trust that it will be prepared with skill and incredible attention to detail. You’ll be able to choose from a large sushi menu with options that include a full Hibachi grill selection with steak, sesame chicken, shrimp, scallops, or vegetables.

Starters include deep-fried shrimp, gyoza, egg rolls, shrimp dumplings, fish katsu, soft shell crab, and edamame, and many of these items are served with a dipping sauce. Shrimp, chicken and vegetable tempura is also available. Tempura is a Japanese cooking method involving coating seafood, meat or vegetables with a light seasoned batter, deep frying and serving them with vegetables and dipping sauce.

Salad options include seaweed salad, a house salad, spicy cucumber salad mixed with seafood, and seafood with Sunomono (a cucumber and seaweed salad a vinegar dressing). Soup choices include miso soup with Tofu or Udon noodles, or a tofu, mushroom, and scallion soup.

Find your favorite sushi roll

You’ll also find plenty of sushi specialties made with the freshest local and imported fish including salmon, yellowtail, mackerel, tuna, clams, shrimp, eel, crab and many others. Try the simple nigiri style, which is just fish served over rice, sashimi which is just fish itself and no rice, or several enticing signature sushi rolls. Or perhaps one of the Donburi options, which include the chef’s preferred fish selections are served over sushi rice in a bowl.

There are some creative signature sushi roll options available including the Double Pleasure roll offering two layers, with shrimp and crab inside and fresh fish roe on the outside. The signature Ocean Star roll is a unique favorite with tuna, roe, imitation crab, onion, pickle, and avocado. There are plenty of other options to suit your appetite, all sure to be fresh and with creative flavor combinations that you won’t find elsewhere.

Where else can you eat sushi at a scenic marina?

Be sure to stop by the Island Ocean Star Restaurant for the one of a kind experience of dining on sushi in one of the most beautiful outdoor settings on the entire island. Both locals and travelers frequently visit this Anna Maria Island restaurant because of its amazing marina scenery, along with some of the best Japanese food in Sarasota and a large menu that caters to their tastes. You’re guaranteed to find a new favorite Japanese entrée or two here, and with such a vast menu there’s plenty of culinary exploration ahead!