How to Get Around Anna Maria

You’re on vacation. You’ve put your feet up and let your hair down. You want to see the sights and explore a little, sure, but you don’t want to be waiting at bus stops for hours or driving around when you want to be relaxing.

Fortunately, some destinations don’t have that problem. Anna Maria Island is a perfect example. Thanks to a strong transportation network and the fact that the island is really cozy and small, you can get around without breaking a sweat. Okay, maybe a little sweat thanks to the tropical sunshine! Take a look at this quick guide to Anna Maria Island transportation to see just how easy it is to get around this slice of paradise.

Anna Maria Island Beach Access

Getting around the Island

The first thing to understand is that Anna Maria Island is only 7 miles long, and this barrier island is much longer than it is wide. You literally cannot be further than 7 miles from anything, and most of the time you’ll be much closer. This means that unlike many other holiday destinations you can leave your car at home and take some time away from the wheel. Even if you fly in, you don’t need a car thanks to local transportation options.

Anna Maria Island transportation is built around a handful of dedicated services. The local AMI taxi firm is a common choice for getting to and from the airport, plus of course they know every hidden street and boutique store on the island. Those with a little more money to spend might even consider the deluxe ALD Limo – Premium Limousine Service, which is perfect if you wanted to splurge out for a night on the town in Anna Maria city or treat friends to a five-star experience.

Once you arrive, a popular form of transportation is golf carts or electric cars.  At Lizzie Lu’s Island Retreat, we rent exclusively to our guests GEM cars, which are electric cars similar to golf carts.  Smell the salt air and enjoy the breeze in your hair as you explore the island in style!

Transportation doesn’t have to be another holiday cost

However, if you wanted to save a little money instead, there are actually free alternatives for Anna Maria transportation near your vacation rental. The Island Beach Monkeys service has a fleet of SUVs, mini-buses and even golf carts, which are on call to shuttle you around the island and they work solely off of tips. This fantastic (almost) free service is a great way to see the island, plus they happily cater to parties and tours as well as short trips.

But wait, the freebies don’t stop there! The Island Trolley is another free service which typically arrives every 20-30 minutes at stops around the island. A romantic island getaway isn’t complete without a trolley ride along the waterfront.

Lastly, there’s always foot power! You can easily walk around the different areas of the island, as the beach is very close to the shopping and dining areas. You’re likely to do a lot of walking anyway, taking in the white sands and blue waters, or watching the wildlife go by.

However, to give your feet a rest, Lizzie Lu’s Island Retreat offers bike rentals exclusively for our guests.  They are well-maintained bikes in various sizes so that you will enjoy a comfortable ride.  This is a great middle ground, letting you cover the distance between towns in a few minutes without confining yourself to a cab or trolley car. No matter what transportation method you choose, you’ll enjoy your trips around beautiful and scenic Anna Maria Island!

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