Coquina Bay Walk

Looking for a new treasure to investigate on your Anna Maria vacation? Take some time to explore Coquina Bay Walk, which is part of Leffis Key. If you are familiar with Robison preserve, it is like a smaller version of that park.

The small, well-kept trails wind along the southern tip of Anna Maria Island on the bayside. We explored the trails and discovered a salt flat, many fiddler crabs, probably one of the biggest ‘hills’ you can hike up on the island, some jumping fish and even a black cat. As this is a mangrove habitat, it is very wet and marshy, but the boardwalks and bridges will keep your feet dry. There are also lots of lookout points on the bay where you can take in the view of the bay, boats, and bridges, or just peer into the water and see what might swim by. Along the way, stop and read the educational signs that are posted to learn more about the mangrove and what lives there.

With less than a mile of trails and lots of benches, this is a great spot for a leisurely walk or a little exploration when you are looking for something different from the beach. Dogs are permitted and there is no cost. Additionally, a playground and picnic benches are located down by the boat launch if you bring the kids along. Bathrooms are also located in that area.

There were many good picture taking opportunities, but I have not been down there with my camera yet. As soon as that happens, we will update with some pictures to give you a sneak peek at what there is to see on your Anna Maria Island vacation!

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