Beach Bistro

Finding Anna Maria Island things to do is as easy as walking down any street on the island. The beautiful island offers visitors an opportunity to experience a relaxing vacation, especially when exploring the many places to eat here.

Among all Anna Maria Island restaurants, the Beach Bistro is among the best. Hundreds of people visit this restaurant at every chance because it holds a charm unsurpassed by any other waterfront restaurants.

where is the beach bistro restaurant on anna maria island

History and Founder of the Beach Bistro

The fall of 1985 was a positively fateful time for Anna Maria Island. Sean Murphy and his wife opened the Beach Bistro then, in the midst of a torrential Florida hurricane. The opening was delayed while the owner and his family fiercely fought to keep the restaurant guarded against the storm. They were successful, and finally, on November 1st, the hard opening happened.

The drive to open the restaurant on time was followed by decades of dedicated customer service and perfection overall. The best American food is found here thanks to the owner’s deep determination to both himself and his clientele.

Since its opening, it has been the proud recipient of many awards and the best reviews for its amazing dishes served with unsurpassed style. It is definitely the best of the best among Anna Maria Island restaurants.

Beach Bistro’s Unique Menu Items

Some of the most amazing, unique dishes are found at this bistro. The Duck Fat Roasted Potatoes, for example, provide a kick of succulent duck over the standard American potato, roasted to perfection. The Famous Bistro Bouillabaisse offers one of the best broths in the country, mixed with lobster tails, Florida shrimp, and ocean-caught calamari for a unique bistro favorite.

The Floribbean Grouper is another Bistro original, made with Gulf-caught grouper and topped with toasted coconut, alongside cashew crusts. Finished with a red pepper-papaya jam, this is a truly unique menu item served to many repeat customers.

Try the Foie Gras, which reaches up the East Coast to the Hudson Valley for its inspiration. All the unique dishes found at this bistro are tried and true, delicious, and sought after repeatedly.

Ambiance of the Beach Bistro

The ambiance of this bistro is warm and inviting. The resident artist, Jeff Tarr, keeps the restaurant in exquisite visual taste with his works adorning the walls. Staff make all guests feel like family with friendly conversation and insightful knowledge of the full bar. The view of the water from this beachside bistro offers the serenity brought by the ocean air.

The restaurant even offers to come get smaller parties, especially vacationers who may not have transportation. Simply mention an interest in catching a ride when calling to make a reservation, and it will be set up.

This restaurant creates a personal feel, with every guest feeling like the most important person to step foot inside the bistro front doors. When you’re looking for Anna Maria Island things to do, nothing can beat the ambiance found here.

Reviews of AMI’s Beach Bistro

Customers rave over the Beach Bistro. One happy mother, who brought her daughter to the restaurant for a birthday celebration, said the evening was perfectly orchestrated by staff. There were special additions to the meal, such as decoration, and more than exceptional personalized service.

A couple who found the bistro by chance during an evening beach stroll marveled over being greeted by the owner. Their meals were spectacular, and the extensive wine list helped them create a beautiful vacation memory.

A gentleman from Norway commented on how his son, who is a professional chef, continues to talk about the excellent recipes available at the bistro. Locals and vacationers alike seek out this restaurant for its combination of gourmet selections and friendly interactions.

Don’t Miss the Beach Bistro on Anna Maria Island

Make sure to visit this bistro on every Anna Maria Island vacation. The bistro gives every guest special memories of Florida and keeps locals returning for more. Visit for a relaxing dinner, then proceed to the beach for one of the world’s most perfect sunsets. Every Florida vacation is enhanced with a visit to one of the best Anna Maria Island restaurants – the Beach Bistro.

Contact Information
6600 Gulf Drive
Holmes Beach, FL 34217
P: (941) 778-6444