Short-Term Living Options for Athletes on Anna Maria Island

The east coast of the United States has a pretty long history of baseball, and southwest Florida is no exception. In fact, many major league teams practice near Anna Maria Island during the spring training season.

The Pittsburgh Pirates have been mainstays on the island, and the team just extended a contract to train at LECOM Park for another decade. The Baltimore Orioles also use nearby Sarasota for open training.

Anna Maria Island has prioritized the classic American sport for many years. Families come down to watch the training games, experience the Florida island lifestyle and even play a little pick-up ball themselves.

Other Athletic Opportunities in the Area

The Bradenton and Sarasota area hosts a number of training games, camps, and courses come springtime.

Bradenton’s IMG Academy hosts world known sports camps for young and professional athletes who want to strengthen their game and edge out competitors. These comprehensive courses cover many elements of the game, relying on expert coaching from experienced veterans. They are known to be incredibly demanding, offering challenging practice regimes that push both physical and mental limits. This is a serious program that forces players to focus on the game.

So, what kind of accommodations should you choose for short-term stays on Anna Maria Island while supporting a loved one undergoing training? Players and their families need comfortable, short-term Anna Maria Island rentals by the beach they can rely on as they bring their game to new heights.

A History of Baseball on Anna Maria Island

One of our properties, The Sand Castle, a French-Normandy-style home, has a history of baseball.

This historic home was once lived in by former New York Yankees first baseman, Earl Torgeson. Torgeson initially stayed in the property with the intention to only stay for a little bit. But he and his family loved Anna Maria Island in addition to having spring training and so they ended up staying longer. This temporary home was an excellent place for him to come back to during seasonal practice. What began as a short-term living situation turned into a home, and Torgeson eventually bought the property.

Plan Your Visit

For more information on the best short-term Anna Maria rentals, and how to enjoy baseball on Anna Maria Island as a spectator, give us a call at 941-782-8153. We can give you all the information you need about our wide variety of rentals, so you can make the best choice for your family.

A Place to Call Home

What makes this story special is not only that Earl Torgeson helped breathe life into baseball culture on Anna Maria Island for years, but that he turned a house into a home by bringing his family along with him.

The Sand Castle is now rented out all year long, mainly used as a home for baseball players, aficionados, and their families who want short-term stays on Anna Maria Island. This home is certainly not the only option for this kind of living arrangement – we have a number of rentals impeccably designed and furnished with short-term living in mind. Our Anna Maria Island rentals are located right near Bradenton. It is only a short drive to the city to see the attractions and spend the day or evening.