Anna Maria Island Libraries to Explore

When you’re planning a vacation, you’re probably picturing plenty of time to enjoy some rest and relaxation.

Maybe you want to spend time with your family on the shores of the white sand beaches, or maybe you want to catch up on your constantly growing “to be read” pile of books. If you’re coming to Anna Maria Island (AMI), you’ve found the perfect place to read while you’re away!

But you might not want to fill your luggage full of books, so where are you supposed to get books to read on your vacation? Luckily, there are several convenient library facilities located just down the road from our most popular Anna Maria Island vacation rentals.

woman reading book on couch

Anna Maria Island Library

One of the most popular places for short-term guests to patronize here on Anna Maria Island is the Island Branch Library. This popular Holmes Beach library offers tons of books in any genre you could imagine, but there’s so much more to enjoy here than just that! Pick up a puzzle or a DVD to enjoy back at your vacation rental, connect to the Internet to stay in touch with friends back home, or take advantage of the incredible programs. The Island Branch Library offers tons of programs for both children and adults, helping to keep your family entertained for little to no cost!

Holmes Beach Library

While the Island Branch Library is quite easy to find, there’s another island library that’s a bit off the beaten path. The Tingley Memorial Library is situated back on canal roads and is slightly hidden, but that just means you’ll have the place to yourself! This Anna Maria Island library charges just $4 for an annual membership and offers all kinds of books for children and adults, as well as movies, magazines and puzzles, newspapers, and more. If you’re worried about getting here, don’t fret; there’s a stop for the free Anna Maria Island trolley right nearby!

Plan Your Next Visit

When it comes to finding convenient and affordable Anna Maria Island rentals, Lizzie Lu’s is a great choice. We offer vacation rentals near these libraries and all the other fun activities that AMI has to offer. Need help picking out your perfect rental and booking your stay? Contact our staff today to get started! Hope to see you soon! 

Lending Libraries

One popular place to get books on your vacation isn’t a traditional library at all. In a couple of places on the island, you can find convenient lending libraries that invite you to take a book to read and leave a book behind for another patron to enjoy! These fun facilities can be found in two locations on AMI. One is situated on the main road near the marina, so books are constantly moving in and out. For the other, you’ll need to head on the back roads near the canal. While this library is a bit harder to find, it’s full of hidden gems that you’re sure to love! 

Reading at Your AMI Vacation Rental

Once you’ve found your perfect book, you can take it on the beach or stay behind and enjoy reading in your Anna Maria Island rental with a pool! At Lizzie Lu’s, we love our bookworm guests and invite you to leave behind a book you’ve read for the next patron to find. You can even take a book with you from our property and let us know how you like it!