4 Top Shopping Destinations on Anna Maria Island

Anna Maria Island is a boutique hotspot along with being a top-tier vacation destination. Visitors can venture throughout the island to find an array of Anna Maria Island shopping destinations that represent Florida’s west coast, Old Florida, unique nautical designs, and anything else that visitors cherish about the area.

Full of endearing specialty shops on and near the water, Anna Maria Island is a divine place to explore. Below are four Anna Maria Island shops in particular that deserve your attention.

Three Island Monkeys

Location: 314 Pine Ave, Anna Maria Island, FL 34216

Three Island Monkeys celebrates local culture, and you can feel that with every hand-crafted window decoration or beach-inspired piece of art inside the shop. Typically, items are accompanied by various small cards on the shelves that display the name of the artist who made them. This adds a personal flair to many potential gifts in the boutique.

Three Island Monkeys is a little nook of a boutique, with adorable local items galore. The shop has a few striking characteristics. The pastel-colored décor is coated with plush and knitted items, among other things, which are closely stocked together. It makes for a very intimate, personable, and cozy atmosphere.

Call the shop at (941)-779-0709 for any questions about gift preparation, online ordering, or the current inventory. The shop is open from 10:30 am to 6:30 pm.

anna maria island shoppers
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Tide & Moon Jewelry

Location: 200 Bridge Street Pier, Unit A, Bradenton Beach, FL

This jewelry shop on the Bridget Street Pier offers much more than stereotypical glistening diamond rings and big jewelry from expensive corporate shops. Tide & Moon Jewelry offers the customary alternative to pricey high-end jewelry made by a machine.

The jewelry here is local and hand-made through and through. It usually consists of marine animals crafted from various gemstones, as well as many pirate-themed and nautical-oriented jewelry options.

You can find a whole assortment of anchors, compass designs, and little treasure box bracelets. There is no shortage of delicately hand-crafted gem rings, necklaces, and rings.

Tide & Moon Jewelry is open every day from 10 am to 5 pm and located on the Bridge Street Pier.

AMI Outfitters

Location: 505 Pine Ave, Anna Maria, Anna Maria Island, FL

AMI Outfitters may not seem like a top shopping destination on the surface, but the shop features a mix of water sports equipment, organic apparel, fishing equipment. It’s also the only fly fishing shop on the entire island.

This is the definitive store on Anna Maria Island for outdoor enthusiasts. AMI Outfitters caters to kayaking, paddle boarding, and parasailing (excluding the boat, of course). It’s a wonderful spot to explore while you consider booking a paddleboard, fishing charter or kayak tour right from the store itself. It is open daily from 9 am to 6 pm.

Olive Oil Outpost

Location: 401 Pine Ave, Anna Maria, FL 34216

Unlike the previous shopping destinations, the Olive Oil Outpost is a specialty foods store but well worth a visit for its unique offerings. You will find wine, cheeses, and anything else that fits nicely in this category of indulgence.

The Olive Oil Outpost is, unsurprisingly, famous for its olive and other oils. With some of them being hand-developed locally by friends of the owners, the oils for sale are a wonderful ingredient for any home-cooked meal in your vacation rental.

The shop also features many spices, salts, vinegar, and various herbs. You can call the shop to find out exactly what they carry at (941)-896-3132, or just stop in to see the wine, cheese, and other offerings for yourself. The Olive Oil Outpost is open daily from 10 am to 5 pm.

You can find equipment rentals, apparel, hand-made local gifts, and even specialty wines and cheese, all within a few miles of our local vacation rental homes on or near the water.

It is all here, waiting to be explored, but these are just a few of the many original and exciting Anna Maria Island shopping destinations you’ll encounter!