The Newspapers of Anna Maria Island

The Internet has fundamentally changed the way we engage with the news. But, that does not mean that a few local Anna Maria Island newspapers aren’t still thriving. The current resurgence of down-home, local journalism has helped give these newspapers a kind of renaissance.

Below are three local newspapers you should keep an eye on. They will help keep you engaged with the Anna Maria Island community through a local lens.

You can learn more about things to do on Anna Maria Island, inspiring acts from locals, available rentals, the best neighborhoods on the island, and what makes it such a special place for both residents and visitors.

So, grab a cup of coffee, sit back on the breezy balcony of one of our Anna Maria Island vacation rentals, and shake open one of these fine publications for a perfect start to your day.

The Islander Newspaper

The Islander Newspaper is a handy periodical that was once ranked as the top weekly by the Florida Press Association.

The paper covers fishing news, street life, local entertainment, and politics. The real estate section is a great resource to review local market trends and average home prices.

Delivered every Tuesday, this popular periodical can be found in various shops around Anna Maria Island, including grocery stores, nail salons, boutiques, antique stores, and restaurants. The paper is completely free and distributed only through local establishments.

A cover-to-cover read specifically for local AMI residents and visitors to the island, The Islander keeps people informed of the goings-on of the island. The regularly updated website complements the physical publication nicely – sign up for their news updates on the homepage.


Anna Maria Island Sun Newspaper

The Anna Maria Island Sun Newspaper has found firm footing in the modern world.

This award-winning paper currently distributes more than 16,000 copies each week – a big feat for a small paper – and has a brand-new website.

The paper chronicles local island attractions, politics, and community news. It localizes bigger stories, making them relevant to residents and visitors of Anna Maria Island.

Bradenton Herald

The Bradenton Herald is a much bigger paper than The Islander or Island Sun, covering news and events in Bradenton and throughout the county.

This publication has been Bradenton’s hometown newspaper since 1922. It has covered the town’s growth from a small fishing and agricultural community to the modern bustling fast-growing city that it is today.

It publishes stories from the City of Bradenton, but also from Longboat Key, and other nearby areas of southwest Florida.

This paper covers breaking news, politics, crime, and sports from the region. They also publish some national and international stories, especially those that have particular significance or some connection to Florida.

Plan Your Trip

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They are known for their exclusives covering overlooked local stories, historic sites, conflicts, development plans, traffic news, and other specific topics of interest to the local community.

You can pick up The Herald in stores, or have it delivered to your door. The paper currently boasts a daily circulation of over 30,000 and a Sunday circulation of about 41,000.

The website features many more views with 1.5 million unique visitors per month and 4.2 million page views per month. All three papers help share the narrative of Anna Maria Island and surrounding areas. As a curious vacationer or someone considering relocation, they are great resources to find out what’s going on at any time in the community – and catch the latest fun events!