How Would Santa Spend His Time on Anna Maria Island?

You would be surprised by how much free time Santa Claus has when Christmas isn’t in session. Only about one month a year is truly busy for Santa, and he doesn’t even spend that time making toys. While his elf workers work the days away, Santa Claus is mingling with the kids, taking notes about new toys for the best-behaved children, and stopping by local parades and other festivities.

But the rest of the year is pretty wide-open. Santa Claus has some tasks to do, such as crossing the not-so-good kids off the gift list and special-ordering coal from his North Pole distributor. But he usually manages to fit in a bit of personal time in the off-season, too.

See, you may not know this, but Santa Claus loves island living. He adores spending his vacation time down south, enjoying the sun and sand of Florida. One of his favorite places? Anna Maria Island.

wooden tree in anna maria island sand

A Little Island Living

In some ways, Santa Claus is just like you and me. He wants to hang out, have fun, and see the sights. And on Anna Maria Island, there are plenty. Santa likes to try lots of different Anna Maria Island activities, never lingering too long on one thing.

Santa Claus has fallen in love with the beach, but he doesn’t want you to know it. He knows he is a bit conspicuous with his big white beard and huge belly. He also tends to pack heavy. He even brings his favorite reindeer along for the ride. If anything sticks out in a crowd, it’s a red-nosed reindeer that talks.

Local Theater

In order to get some alone time while on vacation, Santa has to think outside the box. That means getting off the wide sandy beaches where he sticks out like a sore thumb, and into the local attractions.

One of his favorite stops is the Island Players Community Theater, a local playhouse that puts on smart, savvy plays and musicals. He also tends to stop by the Florida Studio Theatre to see some of his favorite kids perform.

Spas & Salons

Santa knows the importance of looking (and feeling!) good. If you come at the right time – usually bright and early – you might even see Santa getting a mani-pedi at the Salon on Pine Avenue. Pine Avenue is also home to lots of really cool restaurants and shops that Santa loves to browse.

Rainy Day Museums

If there’s anything Santa hates, it’s the rainy days. It’s the one thing that bugs him about the island life – the short rainstorms that often water the island in the late afternoon. Rain makes his beard frizzy and his reindeer impatient.

Thankfully, Santa likes to spend a good amount of his time learning. He always pushes to know more about the places where the children he delivers presents to live.

Santa likes to stop by the Mote Marine Museum. Not only are there tons of kids running around and playing, but there are also many local animals to see, feed, and touch. From otters to stingrays and sharks, there are always interesting animals to learn about. Santa especially loves the crocodile and caiman exhibit. It’s not something he ever sees back home.

Santa also likes to visit the South Florida Museum, the area’s largest natural and cultural history museum. The iconic Florida manatee is one of Santa’s favorite exhibits. Don’t get in the way of his picture. He also loves to count stars at the museum’s planetarium.

Santa Claus can’t get enough of Anna Maria Island and he was kind enough to share his favorite things to do while on vacation. Perhaps you can use Santa’s list to help you get some ideas for the best family activities on Anna Maria.

Plan Your Trip

If you’re lucky enough to see the old man himself, give him a wink. Just don’t let his secret favorite vacation rental destination get out! See more rentals and plan your visit today.