Message from Lizzie Lu’s Island Retreat

We are happy to announce that the short-term rental ban has been lifted in Manatee County. We are now taking reservations! Here are some commitments we make to you during this time:


Our office remains closed to the public as we reopen, however, we are available during regular business hours again.

Rental Policies

We will respect the governing authorities and abide by their directives. As of right now, that is:

  • Manatee County, where we are located, has reopened to everyone in the US where COIVD-19 Rates are 700 per 100,000 or less.
  • Early Check-ins will not be available in homes with a same day departure. We are working diligently with additional staff to remain safe and efficient and will be needing all time available.


With recent events, we walked through our procedures to determine areas that are difficult to sanitize as well as evaluate how we will sanitize the entire home from floor to ceiling (as well as garage equipment and pool areas).  The following changes have been made to ensure we provide a sanitized and safe environment for all of our guests.

  • Each cleaner in a Lizzie Lu property has read and signed their name to evidence they have read Guidance for Cleaning and Disinfecting provided by the CDC, The VRMA (Vacation Rental Management Association) Cleaning Guidelines for COVID-19 as well as the Reopening Plan Approved by the Governor.
  • All area rugs have been removed as ensuring sanitization with a high degree of certainty is difficult.
  • We have doubled our inventory of entry rugs to ensure they can be removed/replaced and laundered between each guest.
  • Sanitizing of all beach equipment between each guest with the use of bleach.  Outdoor furniture has also been bleached while chaise lounge cushions are being sanitized with HALT.
  • All doorknobs, switches, and high touch areas are sanitized.
  • Our staff will be provided with appropriate PPE whenever they are in the homes including a sufficient quantity to ensure a new set of gloves is used at each home during the cleaning process.
  • We are currently employing the use of Ozone technology as a final step in our homes which sanitizes in various areas upon completion of our standard procedures.

At Lizzie Lu’s Island Retreat, a clean home, your enjoyment, and the long term relationship we hope to continue with you as our guest is of utmost importance to us.  Please be safe and courteous while spending time with us on AMI.  If there are any questions you may have regarding our cleaning procedures please do not hesitate to contact us.


  • 6000 Marina Drive
    Holmes Beach, FL 34217 USA