Weather on AMI

Weather on Anna Maria Island is typically pleasant year around with mild temperatures in the winter and warmer temperatures in the summer.  Each time of year brings something unique and different to enjoy, whether it be the extremely warm temperatures of the Gulf of Mexico or our warm weather winters for those looking to get away from the cold.  The information below includes the current forecast for the island, and a tide graph which can be helpful to beach walkers and runners alike.

We have also provided the table below which shows the average weather temperatures and water temperatures for the Gulf of Mexico throughout the year on Anna Maria Island.  In the summer months the temperature can get quite warm but they are accompanied by calm breezes off the Gulf of Mexico as well as fantastic water temperatures making the Gulf of Mexico very comfortable.  We also enjoy summer rain showers periodically bringing luscious greenery to the island, these storms are typically short and followed by beautiful sunshine.

Anna Maria Forecast

Historical Averages

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